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Title: Embarrassing Dares
Description: find here some great embarrassing dares

mgg - July 11, 2006 11:19 AM (GMT)
Party Embarrassing dares

(G) Do a funny dance
(G) say everything in third person (instead of I you have to say He)
(G) tell a joke about yourself

(PG-13) Flash your underwear to the group
(PG-13) Stay for in your underwear for the rest of the game
(PG-13) colour an body part with permanent marker
(PG-13) Let an other player draw a smiley on your forehead
(PG-13) Shave, if you have any hair there, your Armpits
(PG-13) If your a boy, paint your finger/toe nails

® Flash your privates
® stay naked for the rest of the game
® Shave your Pubes infront of the group
® let somebody draw something on your ass
® Wear underwear of the opposite sex for the rest of the game
® Pee your pants

(X) Go outside naked for 5 minutes
(X) Stand naked outside, aplly to a car to stop, if it is stoped, cum on the car
(X) Have sex with a player of the same sex in front of the group (or if you re gay, with somebody of the opposite sex)

Single Player Embarrassing dares

(G) open the window and scream HI outside
(G) write 'Hello how are you' on your body

(PG-13) Go to a stranger outside and ask him/her if she likes gayporn
(PG-13) Write 'i have a tiny penis' on your chest
(PG-13) Change your msn avatar in the most ugly pic of yourself you can find

® stand for a window completly naked until 2 ppl walked by
® Change your msn pic of a gayporn picture found on the internet
® pee your pants

(X) Walk outside nude until atleast 10 ppl saw you
(X) Go outside clothed, ask somebody what they think about mastrubation and while they re talking, take out your privates and mastrubate
(X) Dont use normal underwear anymore, you can only use daipers, and you re right, you cant visit the bathroom anymore

I hope that you like them, if you have more, post them!

cheesydude - July 20, 2006 07:46 PM (GMT)
they were cool m8

mgg - July 21, 2006 06:47 PM (GMT)
thnx m8 :P

do you know more? Post :P

Idea: isnt there a way to reward ppl who post good things rob? not that i want that but maybe we can give points to good things or something i donno...:P

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